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Now I’m Bored and Old

Now I’m Bored and Old

Like many teenagers growing up in Washington State, I was obsessed with Nirvana. They were my first experience with music. I was late to the game though. Kurt Cobain had already killed himself, the band was two or three years gone, and yet it felt so close. I learned about when the band was formed, when Kurt Cobain’s birthday was (I still remember), when Cobain killed himself, when each album…

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Apr 01

Just Enough to Barely Work

[Trying to accurately portray restaurant work.  Caution: Profanity ahead]


Gary’s been working at Murphey’s Restaurant since he was sixteen years old. He’s forty now. He’s moved from the dishwasher, the fryer, the grill, prep, sauté, and the salad side of the restaurant. He’s done it all, except work the floor. He has no interest of serving the food he cooks. He secretly loves his job. He no…

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